Video-Accidente S-76 Rescate


Sikorksy S-76 sufre un accidente durante un rescate.

Posible fallo de uno de los motores.



Helicopter crashes carrying out a rescue

(Google Translate) Today (1st), a fire helicopter that rescued 60-year-old hikers who fell into a state of emergency near the Cheonwangbong Peak in Jiri Mountain during the day crashed.

The five rescuers on the helicopter were unharmed, but unfortunately the patient and his wife, who watched the rescue process underneath, died.

Hikers escape under the fire helicopter floating near Cheonwangbong in Jirisan Mountain.

The stretcher carrying the people seemed to rise above, and soon he sat down with the helicopter.

The hiker, who was in a state of deep sleep, was lying on a stretcher and being pulled up.

[Seo Byeong-Yeol / Gyeongnam Changwon-si: "Suddenly, it came down suddenly. It didn't crash, and it came down.

The accident was rescued by a 65-year-old hiker Jo Mo, who was rescued from the accident, and Cho's wife, 61-year-old Kwon Mo, who watched it under a helicopter.

The couple had an accident when they visited Cheonwangbong in Jirisan, which was opened in two months after the holidays.

It was reported that all five rescuers in the helicopter were not seriously injured.

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